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Dear Dr. Darcy:

I’m writing significantly less to look for information rather than look for a sound to the dilemma of gay relationship and all of our neighborhood’s relentless quest for this patriarchal correct. Within micro-level, I have found it unneeded; at macro-level, personally i think it an undesirable usage of lesbian sources. We wonder in the event that recent surge in amount of lesbian femme cherche femme (thank you, L keyword) features caused a need for all of us to mime hetero relationships. In the end, femmes have actually usually remained GUG (gay until [college] graduation), opting of our very own lifestyle in place of the entitlements that accompany directly life. Do you consider that poster ladies such as for example yourself needlessly encourage a hetero agenda, whenever very, are you willing to rethink creating your own month-to-month column your greater lesbian effective?

We esteem that you do not have a need to exercise the human right to get married lifetime companion. Similarly, I don’t have a requirement to work out my straight to go through an abortion, though I’d combat tooth and nail in preserving that suitable for other people who will discover themselves looking for that procedure.

Really don’t believe the condition of homosexual matrimony is actually any more femme-serving as opposed butch or boi (or place your favorite identity here) serving. Really don’t consider it mimes hetero interactions any further than fighting for the ideal to vote indicated a lady’s desire to be male. I will be rarely skilled to lecture on the subject of Constitutional Law (thus I won’t), but i’m that your particular argument might have been used throughout history to validate acquiescing equality for several modern peoples rights. Whether we choose to participate in wedding if we winnings just the right is an individual choice—but it needs to be a choice. We are not second-class residents who is going to be pacified with domestic partnership, since it is a different sort of term with various liberties. Relationship is an individual correct and doubting that right predicated on intimate direction is comparable to discriminating on such basis as race or gender, one thing we’ve determined is unconstitutional.

I’dn’t considered myself personally as advertising any specific agenda(s), though perhaps that some power and duty comes with being a columnist. For the reason that vein, i believe it behooves us to answer no. No, I do not believe getting a femme naturally promotes any agenda (beyond, presumably, liking shoes), and I also would never dignify or verify any stereotypes thereof by rethinking my personal line.

Be careful,


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Dr. Darcy Smith was given the woman Masters level from Columbia college along with her Ph.D. from nyc college. This lady has been a practicing social individual for more than decade and is in private exercise both in nyc and New Jersey.

*This column is certainly not a consultation with a mental health specialist and really should certainly not be construed as such or instead for these assessment. You aren’t problems or issues should look for counsel of her very own therapist or consultant.

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